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What is this record?

Well, the Guinness folks don't recognize it anymore, since it might encourage dangerous behavior, but we're still going to try, in the spirit of fun.  When it was a record, there were a few stipulations:

  1.  Three people total, only two can drive - all must remain with the vehicle the whole time.
  2.  There must be independent verification of the start and finish, along with odometer readings.
  3.  Documentation of arrival in each state is required.
  4.  No speeding!
We're taking three people and I imagine Jason and Ryan will do most of the driving, but we're not going to hold ourselves to Rule #1.  We're here to have fun more than anything else.  We're bringing along a satellite GPS device that should broadcast our location and connect to Twitter; the plan is to mark each state this way as we go along.  As for Rule #4, you know, we're going to do our best and we won't be crazy, but I don't know anyone who drives the speed limit on the NJ Turnpike.  This record is more about choosing the right route, not about how fast you can drive.

 What are you driving?

Right now the plan is to rent a minivan.  Other record breakers have used this method and we like the idea of fold flat seats to help with sleeping.  We've got an agreement with a rental company that typically provides Dodge Grand Caravans - we'll update once we've got possession of the vehicle.

What's the route?

We're not going to map out the whole thing for you - that's the whole fun of the trip - but we can say we're planning to leave from White River Junction, VT and arrive in Plymouth, Washington.  Currently the route measures 6,660 miles, although we're constantly checking and rechecking for better options.

How much does this cost?

Our estimated trip budget is $4500.  This includes rental fees, gas, tolls, and food, along with travel expenses to the start and from the finish, as well as some equipment to make the trip easier.  A generous benefactor has pitched in to cover these costs, so we're hoping to raise money for some worthy causes along the way.  Check out the Causes tab for more information.

Why do this in the first place?

Well, we've got a full explanation in the About Us page, but needless to say, Ryan likes wacky adventures, road trips, and maps.  This pretty much checks all the boxes.  Short answer: Why not?


  1. There is no way to do this if you aren't going to speed.


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